Easter Eggs Aren’t Just for Easter

Easter Eggs Aren’t Just for Easter

Orly Sorokina’s thought-provoking post on the Hootsuite blog, 3 Marketing Lessons from Internet Easter Eggs, in fact did get me thinking that these inside jokes and hidden gems could be a really fun way to get potential attendees engaged with your meeting ahead of time—and feel really smart for figuring it out. While it would be awesome for incentives, I can see these same benefits carrying across most types of association, and even some corporate, meetings.

Sorokina points out that these Easter eggs, like the brilliant Google Pac-Man mashup the search giant sprung on us just in time for April Fool’s Day (see Gizmodo’s list for some of the other top Easter eggs), can be catnip to your potential attendees as well. Here's why.

People like to belong

Because they’re by nature inside jokes, those who crack the code are instantly a member of a community of other insiders. What are the subgroups of your meeting base who would really enjoy this sort of thing? She uses Buzzfeed’s Sloths Slot as an example of an Easter egg created around something their readers tend to obsess over. Are there any trending topics in the culture in general that you can remix with something that resonates with your specific audience?

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People like to engage with games

As the Pac-Man example illustrates so well (I can’t be the only one who wallowed in nostalgic delight gobbling ghosts through the streets of my home town last week), there are a lot of people who can’t resist a good game. What can you create related to your event that will be fun for potential attendees to interact with on your site? Sorokina points out that something as simple as a quiz can help make your site more interactive, keeping people there longer. And the longer they stay and the more interesting it is, the thought is why wouldn’t they attribute those same qualities to your event?

People like rewards

It’s all about the thrill of the hunt, she says. Even if the payoff is relatively small, there’s something fun about figuring something out, or learning something not everyone knows. What can you create that will generate the sense of fun and excitement of an Easter egg hunt on your event site? And then carry it through at the actual event?

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