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Hot beef sundaes may be all the rage in the Midwest but would you put it on your meeting39s menuImage tomcensani Flickr
<p>Hot beef sundaes may be all the rage in the Midwest, but would you put it on your meeting&#39;s menu?</p> <p>Image: tomcensani, Flickr</p>

Add Some Local Flavor to Your Next Event—If You Dare

Image: tomcensani, Flickr

Locally sourced food and beverage at events is all the rage, but that's usually referring to ingredients, not the dishes as a whole. Most regions have their own, sometimes quirky food specialties that could be a highlight of your BEO. Or possibly have the opposite effect.

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Sure, you likely won't go wrong including some cheesesteak luncheons at your next meeting in Philadelphia, or some deep-dish pizza when in Chicago, but what about a Garbage Plate while convening in Rochester, N.Y., or a hot beef sundae at a Midwest meeting?

How adventurous, gustatorily speaking, are your attendees?

For some examples that will either make your stomach rumble or grumble, check out this collection of regional food options on Mental Floss.

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