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Beware Lists of "Most Interesting" Trends, Especially When Food-Related

Beware Lists of "Most Interesting" Trends, Especially When Food-Related

This list of the 12 Most Interesting Food Trends of 2015 by Greg Morado in the Houston Times is just so, well, interesting. I was expecting the usual trends, like  locally sourced ingredients and s'mores bars—don't get me wrong, I love me some s'mores!—but this list was a little more outre. Just a few of the trends he outlines:

• While I, and my waistline, am glad I missed the cronut and cragel crazes (croissant/donut and croissant/bagel hybrids), seeing as how I'll soon be visiting my in-laws in Myrtle Beach, I'll be sure to hop on the new Southern buttermilk bisquit trend. I wonder if grits are still in? And I've never even heard of a kolache, but I guess those delicious-sounding stuffed dough delights are working their way out of Texas and into the national zeitgeist as well.

• Crickets?! A quote from the article:

"The conversation about eating bugs is just beginning but it won't go away," Baum & Whiteman predicts. "Would you really care if your chips or nachos or tacos were fortified with cricket powder? If your bread got a protein boost from ladybug flour? If your pasta (gluten-free, of course) contained low saturated-fat grasshoppers?"

Um, yeah, I kind of do. I'm funny that way. What's next, Soylent Green? But I am glad to hear that cauliflower (which is so divine when roasted with oil and spices), is becoming the new kale (which I have never figured out how to cook so that it's actually edible, though I do know some who have managed to tame its tough and fibrous nature).

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• Meeting professionals do this all the time to see what the chef can whip up on their event's budget, but now hacking the menu is going public, with sites like spilling the beans on secret or hidden menus at fast-food stores.

And so many more. Do go check it out! I think he's spot on with the technology making everything more self-serve. I experienced it for the first time at an airport restaurant last summer, where we ordered off a tablet on the table, tracked when the food was coming, and paid via the tablet. Hardly even saw a human. I guess it's efficient, but I kind of like the old-fashioned wait service myself, maybe because I spent an awful lot of time holding an order pad during my college years.

What F&B trends are you seeing that are delicious, cool, or just plain old weird?

Update: I  just learned that some people are being asked to subscribe to the digital edition of the Chronicle before they can read the full column. Sorry about that!

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