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Positive Impact

Positive Impact Releases #CSRshare Day 2018 Report

The global Twitter campaign prompted more than 1.6 million tweets from event professionals.

Positive Impact Events’ #CSRshareDay 2018 was a 24-hour twitter fest held around the world on April 23.

The event had three goals:

1.     To share best practices, challenges, ideas, experiences, and more on the topic of sustainability and corporate social responsibility with over 1.2 million event professionals.

2.     To give participants the opportunity to collaborate with global sustainability experts and learn from one another.

3.     To share how events are helping to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and provide over one million education opportunities

These year’s event included more people in the global conversation: 1,607,883 tweets were sent, more than the 1.6 million in 2017. Participants tweeted ideas and best practices from Alaska to Australia, and over 63 percent of them were educational. LINK  

Click here to find the Summary Report, or follow Positive Impact at






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