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New Data-Capture and -Reporting Tool for Event Sustainability

Designed for planning teams with large meeting portfolios, Thrust Events consolidates the task of gathering and analyzing carbon-emission data from participant travel and on-site activity.

In early March, sustainability-advisory firm Thrust Carbon introduced Thrust Events, which combines the ability to gather data and generate reports on carbon emissions from on-site event activity with the firm’s original product: a calculator and reporting tool for carbon emissions from business travel.

“For years, businesses have been able to track the carbon emissions of their travel program, but the same level of visibility has not been available for events,” says Kit Aspen, co-founder of Thrust Carbon. “Event management agencies have found it difficult to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their events, which makes it challenging to create sustainable events.”

Thrust Events allows for data collection in simplified formats that can then be viewed via dashboards while also providing insights and recommendations for action, such as optimizing specific modes of transportation or opting for virtual attendance for a portion of the audience; reducing food waste; and choosing venues with the most sustainable practices. The product features automated data feeds, single sign-on, precise permissions, no user limit, and bulk data handling.

“Thrust Events enables planners with sizable event portfolios to accurately measure the emissions generated by each meeting and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and gives end users their travel and on-site carbon footprints all in one place,” says Aspen. “Event managers can quickly input venue, attendee, and transportation data to generate a white-label client-friendly emissions report.”

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