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Here’s Where You’ll Find Your Next Great Sustainability Idea

#CSRshareDay is April 23 and Twitter will be filled with meeting and event best practices.

Where are your pain points for achieving event sustainability goals? What are your successes? Tuesday, April 23 is the day to ask these questions, share best practices, and be a part of the fifth annual 24-hour Twitter conversation about sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the events industry.

Organized by Positive Impact, #CSRshareDay is expected to engage meeting professionals from Chicago to Bangkok to Barcelona in an all-day, idea-sharing tweet-up. Fiona Pelham, CEO of Positive Impact and a former president of Meeting Professionals International, explains that the day’s global, multiple-moderator format adds to the online energy:

“The design of the campaign, where each hour one host will thank the other and then step in to lead, is a great example of the approach it will take to create a sustainable event industry. It isn’t about one big idea or one leader or one ‘right’ way to do things. Instead, it’s a (sometimes messy!) collaboration between strangers with a shared passion for a better world. It’s someone sharing something that worked for them so that on the opposite side of the world the idea can be tweaked and used in a different way. It’s people fearlessly sharing their experience in a world where it’s all too easy to critique rather than try something new.”

Have you found a way to cut down on plastics? Is your venue running on renewables? Need some fresh ideas for community service? #CSRshareDay tweet topics are wide-ranging, from recycling and low-carbon travel to food waste and sustainable sourcing. The theme this year is measurement, so expect a special emphasis on examples of how to track and report change initiatives.

To be a part of the event, visit Twitter throughout the day on April 23. Last year saw more than 1,500 #CSRshareDay tweets with a reach of 1.6 million Twitter users, and this year the goal is 2 million. To find out who’s hosting the conversation each hour, or to volunteer as a host (there are a few spots left), visit Positive Impact’s #CSRshareDay site.

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