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CSRshareDay: An Abundance of (CSR) Riches

Whether or not you were glued to the #CSRshareDay hashtag on Friday, April 21, I can guarantee there's a motherlode of event sustainability ideas to be followed up on from the Twitter campaign organized by Fiona Pelham and the rest of the gang at Positive Impact. The international, 24-hour event drew a steady stream of ideas, inspiration, images, and loads of links, goosed by 24 industry hosts—folks like Visit Vancouver's Rachel Riggs, Meeting-U's Jim Spellos, and Meetings Professional International's Jessie States, CMM—who each took the helm for an hour to keep the conversation rolling.

My advice: If you're ever short on enthusiasm or ideas for improving the impact your events can make on the community and the environment, scroll through the #CSRshareDay tweets and start clicking. But make sure you've got a little time on your hands, it's hard to stop. Here are just a few tweets from the day to set the scene and give you a taste of the abundance of riches you'll find:


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