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A Whitepaper on Meeting Risk That May Make You Nervous

There’s room for improvement: That could be the tag line on a new whitepaper that looks at life sciences companies’ risk mitigation policies for meetings and events. In the first quarter of 2015, American Express Meetings & Events surveyed 274 meeting owners at life sciences companies—156 administrative assistants who plan meetings and 118 managers with responsibility for meetings—to look at their use of formal meeting policies, the amount of authority given to administrative assistants, oversight by legal, financial or procurement teams, and more.  The resulting report, “Protect Your Profits: Mitigating Meetings Risk in Life Science Companies,” highlights several “gaps” where companies are exposing themselves to financial or legal damage, including a lack of understanding about who is signing meeting contracts and insufficient reviews of meeting processes. The complete report is available at the American Express Global Business Travel Web site.

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