Are the New Hyatt Videos Funny?

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has shown it has a sense of humor (for a company, anyway) with a series of new videos poking fun at meeting planners on the comedy site Funny or Die. Meeting planners will enjoy the satirical portrayal of their peers, who clearly don’t get it when it comes to planning meetings. In one skit, the staff is more interested in the Teppanyaki chef than in returning to the meeting, while in another the planner has chosen nothing but annoying healthy—and loud—meeting food.

The Teppanyaki Chef - watch more funny videos

Funny or Die, which was co-founded by Will Ferrell and others as a comedy Web site, has been moving into brand-sponsored videos.

Annoying Health Food - watch more funny videos

For Hyatt, the point of this approach was to illustrate what can go wrong when you choose the wrong hotel for a meeting—and of course to make you want to choose their hotels.

Do the videos work? You tell us. Enter your feedback below, under Comment.

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