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When planners understand how hoteliers think, negotiating becomes less stressful.

Get Inside the Heads of Hoteliers

A recently released meetings-focused workbook for hoteliers can also help planners understand the negotiating leverage they have for each of their events.

SocialTables—a Web-based event platform now under the Cvent corporate umbrella—recently published a guide aimed at hoteliers titled The Hotel Market Segmentation Workbook. Inside are tips and advice on how they can identify and court the types of group business that match the specific strengths of their property, and which will bring the most revenue in house.
On the flip side, planners can also absorb the lessons from the workbook, and use them to better position their own meetings during the RFP process and in contract negotiations. If planners understand how different types of properties determine the worthiness of a meeting based upon its various revenue streams plus other factors, then they can better leverage the strengths of that meeting while downplaying any less-desirable elements. In fact, they could even offset those weaknesses through a concession in an area the planner knows the hotel finds desirable.
To get some insider information that's perfectly legal, check out the workbook here

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