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Is Minneapolis Ready for Radisson RED?

Is Minneapolis Ready for Radisson RED?

According to its introductory video, Radisson RED is a new concept—a “lifestyle select" brand. There are a lot of lifestyle brands out there, so what makes "lifestyle select" new? The brand connects with travelers via “art, music, and fashion”—based on the video, the music is aggressive, the art is modern (and mostly red), and the fashion involves facial hair and tatoos. But there are some old-timers in the video, too! Along with a mention of an “ageless Millennial mindset.” The hotel’s public spaces are barrier-free and front-desk–free, creating a “social hive” for working, dining, and gathering.

Tech is at the forefront, with the RED app that allows guests to check in, order food, consult a concierge, and chat with other guests.

The first Radisson RED in the U.S. will open by year’s end in Minneapolis, with 164 rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a 1,000-square-foot “events and games studio.” Read more at the hotel’s website. Or watch the brand video

The first RED opened in Brussels; a total of 60 hotels are planned in cities worldwide by 2020.

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