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Fight Harrassment: Create a Conference Code of Conduct

Fight Harrassment: Create a Conference Code of Conduct

Don’t let your conference be overshadowed by bad behavior, set the standards for a safe and welcoming event.

You may think you have taken care of your attendees’ every need; you hired engaging speakers, booked a great venue, and ordered menus for every diet. But there is one factor that can disturb your attendees and potentially damage your company’s reputation and bank account: other attendees.

According to this year’s report by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gender harassment claims rose by six percent in 2015, and recent headlines suggest 2016 may be even worse. To help create a comfortable space for all your attendees, layout your expectations for behavior in a code of conduct. This guide can set the tone for the event, show your participants you take their safety seriously, and help attendees from different cultures conform to your standards of behavior.

Get started by customizing this sample to take to your attorney. 

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