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Are You Prepared to Hit “Send” on Your Event Communications?

Are You Prepared to Hit “Send” on Your Event Communications?

Your conference date is set, your agenda is finalized, and now it’s time to start promoting your event. Your conference communication must reach the right people and encourage them to choose to attend your event. The pressure is on.

Don’t just close your eyes, cross your fingers, and hit “send.”

As you begin designing the communications campaign for your event, consider the following questions:

1. Have we reviewed our research? Take a look at what made your past events a success as well as potential barriers to your event. Why are attendees choosing your events over those of your competitors? What events are happening at the same time? Don’t be afraid to dig into the data to tell your story. In one industry, our research showed us that testimonials from top customers were more effective than information on the event destination or event entertainment in capturing the attention of potential attendees. Knowledge is power.

2. Can you answer that pivotal question? Before the spending starts on your communications, have you stopped to really think about that one thing that will make you successful? It’s critical to get all the right stakeholders together and workshop your approach—from C-level on down—to align on your objectives and set the foundation for success. With each key communications initiative, we first align on what success looks like up front, identify the positives we can embrace and the challenges and complications to overcome, and we land on that one thing that will get us there. Then we design for success.

3. Has everyone been heard? The trick is to ensure that everyone gets a voice. Sometimes in the blur of our everyday roles, we forget how much we know and never bother to say some of the simplest things out loud. A workshop can fix that. A workshop can give everyone a voice and ensure that all the right parties give their input. It’s often the softest voice that makes the boldest statement. Remember to speak, but also to listen.

The benefits of a workshop, pre-set objectives, and the identification of that pivotal question are critical: It aligns the entire team around the task at hand, and it gives everyone a voice in defining your success.

So the next time you sit down to design, make sure you understand the one thing that’s going to make you successful, and align the full team on your approach. Your event success depends on it.

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