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profesional networks

Ideas and Solutions Can Come from Other Industries

Not only could planners find creative solutions to their work challenges from having a wider professional network, but they could also help their meeting attendees do the same.

Networking with people outside of your industry can help you uncover innovative ideas and new ways of doing things, writes Sheila Goldgrab, founder of Goldgrab Leadership Coaching, in a recent article on This strategy "reduces groupthink and can lead to greater diversity of thought, which is a far better situation than the impulse for conformity that can push away new ideas."
Interestingly, meeting planners could employ a similar approach within their events to help attendees find creative answers to their own challenges. For instance, if a planner brings into a meeting a roster of experienced people from one or more companies located in the meeting destination to take part in an extended lunch-and-conversation session—with different tables designated for specific topics—both the attendees and the visiting professionals stand to learn from each other's experiences and perspectives. What's more, such sessions might produce long-lasting relationships between participants from different companies, expanding their professional advisory networks for years.

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