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How to Make Big Decisions Better

A TED Talk veteran presents a four-step problem-solving process that ensures groups consider all internal and external factors to make the right decision.

When a group of colleagues comes together to solve an organizational challenge, formidable obstacles lie ahead of them: Weighing the importance of various factors, taking in the varied perspectives of all participants, and coming to consensus—all in a limited time frame.

To help reach the goal, meeting leaders could try a format that methodically considers all the internal and external factors, allowing for the most well-informed decision. Cheryl Einhorn is the creator of the AREA Method, a decision-making system to solve complex problems. Author of the book Problem Solved, Einhorn delivered a TED Talk in 2019 on the topic, but in this video presentation for Columbia Business School
Einhorn uses a case study of the AREA Method that meeting and incentive planners will relate to: How a firm develops an incentive compensation plan that will get the best performance from its salesforce.

In the video link, the presentation begins at 2:30 and ends at 28:00, with a question-and-answer session afterward. Both meeting leaders and planners will gain a better understanding of how their groups can attack problems in a way that gives the proper weight to the proper factors while minimizing friction between participants. 

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