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When the CME/Marketing Firewall Falters: A Worst-Case Scenario

Johnson & Johnson is battling in court over its opioid-related CME programs that the government of Oklahoma says acted as marketing.

In a trial that is expected to last through the end of June, attorneys for the state of Oklahoma are using testimony from a pain specialist to demonstrate that CME content and speaking engagements by key opinion leaders were structured by J&J in a way that downplayed patient risks and were “generally favorable” about the drugs Nucynta and Duragesic. The result of these compromised meeting sessions over several years, Oklahoma’s attorneys claim, is that both doctors and patients were left undereducated about about the proper uses of the drugs, contributing to opioid addiction and related deaths.

To understand how CME and KOL opportunities seemingly got around the firewall between the educational and marketing teams involved, and the potential legal ramifications for J&J, read this article from MM&M, formerly Medical Marketing & Media.


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