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Evolve! Don’t Be a Compliance Caveman

Key benefits—four for planners, four for suppliers—of getting educated around the codes and regulations that impact the sales process, planning, and operation of healthcare provider meetings.

My colleagues with Healthcare-Venues in the U.K. have developed a teasing nickname for those who don’t know much about the world of regulated or “external” healthcare meetings—the kind with healthcare professionals (HCPs) in attendance. They refer to people with limited knowledge of this sector as “compliance cavemen,” the opposite of the compliance expert, who understands how various codes and regulations impact the sales process, planning, and operation of HCP meetings. Healthcare-Venues has developed in-depth training to advance people from compliance caveman to compliance expert.

Whether you are a planner or supplier working in this highly regulated space, becoming a compliance expert can have significant benefits. I have identified four key benefits for both planners and suppliers:

Planners: Those who are new to healthcare meetings can become expert in the:
1. Significance of location and name on the appropriateness of venues used for regulated meetings
2. Tipping point between appropriate and inappropriate hotels
3. Numerous perception concerns raised by corporate compliance officers
4. Unique planning requirements when managing HCPs meetings

Venues and destinations: Transitioning from a compliance caveman to a compliance expert provides valuable insights in order to:
1. Gain a deep understanding of the needs of planners who are managing regulated meetings
2. Demonstrate proper language, imagery, and knowledge when responding to HCP meeting inquiries  
3. Learn how to conduct site visits that are relevant to HCP meetings  
4. Know how to properly operate regulated meetings once you have won the business

Everyone who becomes a compliance expert will develop an understanding about the numerous city, state, national, and international regulations and codes that need to be interpreted. They will better understand what drives the need for transparency, which ultimately benefits the patients being cared for by HCPs.

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