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4 Polling Questions that Frame Pharma’s Future Meetings

It’s almost unanimous: Planners expect mask wearing and physical distancing at meetings through at least the end of the year.

Every organization’s plans and priorities for the return to meetings and travel are unique, but, in aggregate, pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies are leaning toward meeting again in the second half of the year. Most planning professionals in this niche will begin traveling to events in Q3 and Q4, and also expect to be designing hybrid events in that time frame.

This is according to a poll of Pharma Forum attendees this week conducted during a session led by Marriott International’s Michael Clarke, director, B2B marketing & events. At the virtual conference for pharmaceutical and life-sciences meeting professionals, Clarke spoke about implementing well-being strategies and protocols for hybrid events.

The number of responses to Clarke’s polling questions ranged from 126 to 143 Pharma Forum attendees.

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