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5 Ways to Make Hotel Rooms Greener

5 Ways to Make Hotel Rooms Greener

Forty seven percent of business travelers prefer to stay at green hotels, according to the 2013 Global Business Traveler Survey published by Timetric.

Planners can help satisfy their environmentally conscious meeting travelers by requesting that hotels make a few small and inexpensive changes. “By implementing some specific LEED-inspired changes in the sleeping rooms, hoteliers can both save money and clearly show their guests how seriously they take environmentally friendly practices,” says Stephen Kirby, owner and executive vice president of Hospitality Source, a product manufacturer and consultancy for hotels and convention centers.

Use recycled products. Ask hotels to use pens, paper, pads, cups, and bathroom-amenity bottles made of recycled materials. Many of these items can include a customized environmentally friendly message.

In-room recycling bins. Request dual-receptacle waste bins in the guest rooms. They allow guests to easily and clearly separate trash from recyclables and allow hotel staff to quickly remove recyclables from the room.  

Eliminate non-recyclable products. Ask the hotel to use reusable laundry bags made from washable materials like polyester or cotton instead of plastic. These inexpensive bags can be washed and reused and printed with a hotel logo and an environmentally friendly message. Hotels can also sell or give the bags away to guests as an added amenity or profit source.
Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Check if the hotel is using energy-efficient LED light fixtures and non-freon mini fridges, which can help to reduce the amount of toxins sent to landfills.
Biodegradable and bulk dispensers. Request biodegradable cups for in-room coffee and water. You may also want to ask for rooms with bulk-dispensed bathroom products, which reduces the need for plastic bottles.

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