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IMEX Group’s 2023 Industry Talking Point: Human Nature

The organizer of two of the largest meetings-industry shows in the world will focus on content related to “our vulnerabilities and responsibilities as humans” as well as “all that’s good about being human, particularly human diversity.”

Following two full years of concentrating much of its content on event sustainability to protect nature—culminating in the Net Zero Carbon Events Roadmap presented at November’s U.N. Climate Change Conference—IMEX Group has thrown its educational resources towards a new theme in 2023.

For May’s IMEX Frankfurt conference and trade show in Germany, followed by October’s IMEX America show in Las Vegas, the events' organizer has chosen human nature as the main “Talking Point.” According to an IMEX Group press release, “the Talking Point provides a framework for educational programming at each IMEX show as well as a theme for exhibitors to embrace if they wish. It also sets direction for the IMEX shows’ experience-design team.”

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 5.13.30 PM.pngCarina Bauer (in photo), CEO of IMEX Group, explains why the theme of human nature was chosen: “2023 presents a chance to regenerate. We believe business meetings and events have a vital part to play in resetting our world for the better, and this new Talking Point invites everyone to show up in a positive, collaborative way.”

Among the six educational tracks created for the two IMEX events in 2023, the People and Planet track will be the one most strongly focused on human nature. It will feature sessions addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion; professional and personal development; leadership; culture and engagement; and human sustainability/well-being.

“Our team is working with partners to design a show that focuses on many aspects of human nature, tapping into innate and learned behaviors; our diverse needs and goals; what makes us healthy; what inspires us; what makes face-to-face human connections vital; how we learn; and how we remember,” says Bauer.

The other educational tracks at the two IMEX shows will be technology and innovation; industry trends and research; experience design and event marketing; and business practices, which will include what Bauer calls “the wildly popular Event Planner Toolkit.”

Find out more about the 2023 IMEX shows here.


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