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FICP 2015 Winter Symposium Amid Boston Blizzard

The Financial & Insurance Conference Planners 2015 Winter Symposium was scheduled for Boston January 25–27, long before anyone knew that a snowstorm of “historic proportions” would end up scheduled for January 26–27. The impending blizzard caused some attendees to high-tail it out of Boston early, on Monday afternoon, and others to hunker down for an extra night at the beautiful Langham Hotel—not a bad place to be stranded! A speaker showcase featured Dick Durrance, National Geographic photographer, and Andrew Boynton, dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, both of whom shared perspectives on creativity and innovation. Meetings industry advocate Roger Rickard also was on hand to reintroduce the Meetings Mean Business coalition and guide meeting planners in how to talk to C-level executives about their value to the organization.

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