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Top Trends Changing F&B

The Specialty Food Association’s 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show provides insights into how people think about what they consume.

Food can be a memorable and delightful part of the events you plan, and even demonstrate to attendees that you care about their wellbeing, preferences, or priorities.

But expectations continually change around the foods people want, which is why Inc. magazine’s recent article, “Top Trends Changing the Food & Beverage Industry,” caught our eye.

Based on observations at the Specialty Food Association’s 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show, which wrapped up at New York City’s Javits Center on June 25, generational and cultural preferences are changing how people experience food. Among the trends that author Chrissa Olsen observed were:

• a broader palate among Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) and Gen Alpha (those born from 2010 to 2025) for international menus and a willingness to experiment with new foods

• preference among those younger generations for products and services in the food-service sector that align with their corporate accountability ideals

• a focus on healthfulness that doesn’t compromise flavor

Read the full article here.

How are you gauging the evolving palates and food preferences of your attendees?


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