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Are You Ready for the Far-Out Food Revolution?

Coming soon to a ballroom near you: a hyper-personalized F&B wave that some are predicting we'll be seeing in the next decade or two.

And you thought you had it tough now developing a menu that will satisfy your red-meat-loving/vegan/Halal/gluten-free/vegetarian/Kosher conference crowd—just wait until the not-too-distant future of food described in this Fast Company article comes to pass.

“We’ll experience personalized food in all its splendor, with our genome as proof, as we live in the controversial algorithm economy,” says food futurist Marius Robles in the article. Yeppers, if the predictions are right, within the next 20 years or so, food will be grown/3D-printed/DNA-sliced to meet the exact needs of our exact individual bodies.

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Not only that, but the current buy/eat locally grown produce may come to have a whole new meaning if, as Robles predicts, we’ll be growing crops on Mars by 2022.

Will this Eatnomics vision of tomorrow’s F&B create catering chaos? A noshing nightmare for chefs and planners alike? Or maybe, just maybe, a breakthrough that will enable planners to feed and hydrate participants to maximize their learning potential and energy levels in ways that are still sort of hit-or-miss now, along with enabling us to maximize our natural resources while reducing costs? 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see (but not for very long, apparently). How do you see the pairing of food and technology playing out for meetings?

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