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Multitask! Get a Career Boost and a Speaker Preview at the Same Time

Multitask! Get a Career Boost and a Speaker Preview at the Same Time

You’ve never been busier, right? With so much on your to-do list, your own professional development sometimes gets pushed to the bottom. The Goodman Speakers Bureau recently teamed up with career Web site to create a series of quick-hit webinars with motivational speakers that do double duty. Each 15- to 30-minute session offers career-oriented advice for meeting planners, which they will learn while simultaneously previewing some of the talent on the speaking circuit. Listen to one or all of the webinars free via the archive at

It’s About You
Here’s one stat that might interest you: Meeting planners who are Certified Meeting Professionals often earn more than meeting planners without the designation, according to surveys.The market for conferences is growing—and while it may not seem like it in your office yet, the number of meeting planning jobs is expected to grow 40 percent through 2020. Making a move like earning your CMP can ensure you have the greatest number of options open to you. And attendance at some webinars can help you earn continuing education credits toward achieving or renewing that certification. 

“Partnering with MeetingJobs is a great way to serve our meeting planner clients with some of our best professional speakers. It’s a win-win,” said Diane Goodman, CMP, president of the Goodman Speakers Bureau. Dawn Penfold, CMP, president of MeetingJobs, notes that today’s job and work environments “require every tool we can bring to bear. Meetingjobs is dedicated to providing meeting professionals with the tools they need to get ahead and stay ahead. The Goodman Speakers Bureau is helping us do this.”

Here’s a taste of the webinars and what these professional speakers have to offer:

Frank Bucaro is a leading crusader for “positive” ethics through specific leadership habits. Takeaways:
• Remember that morale filters down through an organization, not up, Bucaro tells audiences. • Faced with an ethical dilemma? Don’t focus on the negative, or what you can’t do, but what you should do. That’s what he calls “positive” ethics.

Maribeth Kuzmeskiis a marketing pro and author of 85 Million-Dollar Tips for Financial Advisors, who focuses on the influence of relationships in successful businesses. Takeaway:
• Ask your clients to describe their biggest challenge. “If we use their words, it resonates with clients in a more impactful way,” Kuzmeski explains. “You need to let clients know you are actually listening.”  This helps build relationships and differentiates you from others.

Seth Mattison, an expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics, explains how organizations can fully embrace “the new world of work.” Takeaways:
• “It’s key for organizations to understand that what motivates one generation doesn’t necessarily motivate another generation,” Mattison says.

• Baby Boomers are traditionally workaholics, while Gen-Xers seek more of a work/life balance.

• Millennials are driven by doing meaningful work—“the annual review will not work with this generation,” he says.

Paul Assaiante, head coach of the Trinity College Squash Team, called the “winningest coach in college sports history.” Takeaway:
• Face change head on to realize success. “We have to evolve in an ever-changing world... or we will be left behind. Grow your knowledge.  Ask questions. Read.  Go at your problems, not away from them.”

Steve Rizzo, professional comedian and motivation expert, tells audiences to change their perspectives. Takeaway:
• “Don’t put off being happy until you achieve a goal,” Rizzo says. “Make a conscious choice to enjoy yourself during the process. This is not Pollyanna mumbo-jumbo. It’s science! Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.” So make those thoughts positive.

Jonathan Howe, an attorney specializing in the event industry, who instructs meeting planners how to pay attention to the fine print. Takeaway:
• “Be as specific as possible when communicating details,” Howe says. And stay away from industry jargon.

Look for another career-oriented webinar series partnership between Goodman Speakers Bureau and to be announced in the spring.

Source: Karen E. Lynn, Goodman Speakers Bureau

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