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Exterior of the Westin Jackson at dusk

Channel Your Inner Guitar Hero at the New Westin Jackson

If your attendees long to channel guitarists from Elvis Presley to Prince, this Mississippi hotel has a program for them.

The 203-plus room Westin Jackson, which opened late this summer in the Mississippi capital, makes the most of the city’s cultural history with replica guitars of Mississippi-related musicians and the figurines of local artist Anne Robin Luckett.

Luckett’s dolls, which are on display by the hotel’s major meeting spaces, showcase local cultural milestones including the making of the first Coca-Cola bottle to the USA International Ballet Competition that happens every four years in the city. The hotel’s 10 meeting rooms offer 12,000 square feet of meeting space; the largest of the rooms, which measures 7,040 square feet, can seat more than 850.

When they’re not in meetings, attendees can partake of the Music Legends of Mississippi package, which allows guests to jam out in their rooms on replica guitars from Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley, BB King, Jimmy Buffet, Prince, and Marty Stuart. (While Prince hailed from Minnesota, not Mississippi, his Purple Love Symbol guitar is included because the Mississippi River, and the Westin Jackson’s developers Wischermann Partners, both come from Minneapolis.) The guitars come complete with amp, headphones, and Music Legends of Mississippi swag. When guests are not renting them, the guitars are on display in the lobby.

“We are excited to share the incredible history of Mississippi, from its artists to its musicians, and everything in between,” said Mike Burton, general manager of The Westin Jackson. “With the ability to briefly stop time and learn about Jackson’s incredible moments with historically-representative figurines, and use exact replica guitars from guitarists like Jimmy Buffett, Elvis Presley and Muddy Waters, guests get a truly immersive experience in Mississippi’s culture, history, and influence in music and what Jackson as a city has to offer.”

The hotel also features the Estelle Wine Bar and Bistro, a Soul Spa, an indoor pool, and a fitness center.

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