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Your Next Meeting Is a Video Content Jackpot

Plan ahead on what to capture, why to capture it, and how to present it afterwards.

You have the keynote speaker lined up, sponsors are coming on board, and the agenda is taking shape. Now it's time to start thinking about how to take advantage of having so many leaders and knowledgeable people in one location. By strategically planning the capture of video content during your event, you can not only extend the life of that meeting over the following weeks and months but also build a content stockpile to help market future events.

Here are a few different ways to leverage the excitement and energy of each meeting by capturing video content.

Give the meeting legs for attendees and nonattendees alike. Capture big-picture sessions such as keynotes as well as more freewheeling sessions offering various perspectives such as panel discussions. Afterwards, edit the sessions down to the core issues and takeaways, and repurpose each one as online video content that nonattendees can obtain by providing contact information and perhaps some detail about their business. In fact, some audiences might even pay to access the content.

Build a reputation for thought leadership. When you have a critical mass of experienced people in one location, consider creating a series of "fireside chat" videos that, over a span of just three minutes, deliver not just opinions and advice on current business trends but also interesting anecdotes from the executives and experienced reps you interview. This results in useful information and demonstrates personality across your video content, enticing viewers to watch several of the chats at once or return to the site whenever you announce that new video segments are posted.

Empower the sales team in their markets. A sales meeting provides the opportunity to create video content that helps reps of all experience levels with their prospecting and also with deepening existing client relationships. A "video business card" created by each rep that covers both business and personal elements can make cold calls warmer and thus more effective, while building credibility among established accounts.

One final thought: Every meeting is unique in its objectives and its audience, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to video. Some ideas and formats that work for one meeting won't necessarily translate to other events. Assessing each event's video-capture opportunities ahead of time and not forcing things at a particular event will minimize wasted time and effort.

Jason Cohen is president of NYC Video Pros, which delivers corporate video production and live streaming solutions to firms worldwide.


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