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bored in meeting

When a Meeting Is the Wrong Solution

Some business issues aren't best solved through in-person gatherings.

Training magazine's 2017 Industry Report found that U.S. companies spent more than $90 billion on training, a whopping 32 percent increase over the prior year. Naturally, much of that spending went to in-person events.
But an article in Harvard Business Review makes the case that many meetings devoted to training aren't necessary—and could actually have a negative effect on attendees if the issue does not lend itself to creating clearly defined outcomes for the training sessions. In such cases, attendees feel afterward that the time and effort they committed to the meeting was a waste of time, and a waste of company resources by out-of-touch executives.
So what criteria should be met to make sure a training-focused meeting is the correct avenue for remedying a business issue? Read the HBR article here.

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