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The Case for a Revamped Corporate Retreat

With staffing a difficult task and with more employees working remotely, many companies see the value in hosting events that would have seemed over the top just a few years ago.

A dude ranch in Montana. A jungle resort in Costa Rica. A mountainside chalet colony in Norway. These are not the sites of your parents’ corporate retreats. Heck, they aren’t even the sites of your older siblings’ corporate retreats.

After the pandemic, the dramatic shift in workplace environment and culture—along with a labor shortage in many industries—has altered the way that many executives envision their organizations’ internal meetings. This article in the Wall Street Journal details how some of them are now opting for unusual, over-the-top experiences in order to build camaraderie and trust among employees—and strengthen their loyalty to the firm.

“Before then, my co-workers were boxes on screens,” says one employee about a retreat featured in the WSJ article. “We got to know each other on a real human level.”


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