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Change Is as Good as a Rest—but Not When It’s a Conference

Yes, you travel for your job. No, that doesn’t mean it’s a vacation.

We all know that planning meetings and events ranks high on the list of stressful jobs, but because there are travel and hotel stays involved it can look like a glamorous gig to outsiders. On the one hand, last week’s tweet by @nictrues demonstrates how planners do such a great job of taking care of the attendee experience that they may list a conference as a vacation. But on the other hand, if the event is not a real vacation for an attendee (and let’s hope they were actually going to educational and networking sessions) then it definitely isn’t a vacation for the planner.

This Washington Post story from the same week, on hotels that cater specifically to the sleep-deprived and those in need of relaxation, happens to mention two properties close to popular convention venues.

After a conference at Milano Convention Centre, the largest convention facility in Europe, it might be time to check in to the Lefay Resort and Spa less than 90 miles away on Lake Garda for the five-night Sweet Dreams program.

The Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts is directly in between New York's Albany Convention Center and the new Springfield MGM Both venues are around 45 minutes from the hotel.

If you don’t want to tag a spa trip onto the end of your conference, then save your air miles for Six Senses Yao Noiin Thailand. If you really need a reason to allow yourself to relax, you can always pretend you are researching the Sleep with Six Senses program for an incentive trip.

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