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Your Questions about Participant-led Events, Answered

You want to make your event more interactive and engaging, but formats like "unconferences" and "conferences that work" that don't have a pre-set agenda can be a tough sell. We recently held a webinar (now available on demand) in which the guy who literally wrote the book on "conferences that work," Adrian Segar, and Curtiss Reed, who uses the format to tackle some really wicked problems during his organization's Vermont VIsion for a Multicultural Future conference, talked about how and why participant-led meetings work.

Unfortunately, they ran out of time to answer everyone's questions, but Adrian was good enough to write up his answers and post them to his blog. So if you want to know, among other things:

Where you can find one of these events so you can experience it yourself

If you can incorporate hybrid elements into a participant-led event

How to get companies to pay for their employees to attend a meeting that doesn't have a pre-set agenda they can use to prove ROI

Skip on over the Adrian's blog. If your questions aren't already answered, I'll volunteer him to respond to you in the comments section. I have got to get myself to one of these!

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