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When It Comes to Food, Presentation Matters

When It Comes to Food, Presentation Matters

I know that appearances are important when it comes to food and beverage—who wouldn't prefer a nicely plated meal over stuff slopped into a bowl?—but I had no idea things like the weight of cutlery could make a difference in how things taste. But it appears that it may.

When you do tastings before deciding on a menu for your next meeting, do you ask whether the silverware and dishes you're eating off of will be the same as those your attendees will be using? It would never have occurred to me to do so, but now I'm going to start paying more attention to not just how food tastes and is arranged on a plate, but also what it's served on. And all that background noise in the ballroom? That may be diminishing your attendees enjoyment of their food too. So many subtle factors determine how we perceive things, whether it be the food we eat or the education we're trying to take in.

We humans just keep getting more interesting the more we learn about ourselves, don't we?

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