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RCMA #Emerge2013: Tony Evans

RCMA #Emerge2013: Tony Evans

This is a guest post from Jacob Riggs, RCMA Emerge intern and Assistant Pastor at Central Free Will Baptist Church. He live blogged Thursday afternoon's general session at Emerge 2013 with featured speaker Tony Evans.

1:41 pm: Tony Evans is on stage. He expressed thanks for us. His talk is about his new book, Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You. That book is available here.

You’re involved in other people’s destiny.

“The reason why people love Seinfeld is because plotless people love plotless programming.”

There is a sense of purposelessness among people. People wear jerseys with other people’s number. That’s because they don’t have a purpose of their own yet.

You need to know why you’re here, otherwise you’ll be distracted.

Are you fulfilling your destiny, or are you just doing your job?

Acts 13:36--Three Things Related to Your Destiny

1. He served the purposes of God--kingship was not merely his job. It was his destiny because he saw it as a divine assignment.

“If you cannot connect God to what you do, you’re not doing your destiny, you’re doing your job.”

“As long as God is only an addendum to your career, you’re not experiencing a destiny, but a job.”

Your assignment is more than planning great events. When you serve the purposes of God, your job has a divine ring to it.

One reason many people live discouraged and depressed is because they have no recognition of divine design.

2. For the impact of the lives of others

When you do what you do for God, it will impact the lives of others.

The test of a bowler is his impact, not his style.

“The proof you are fulfilling your destiny is that now that you have been delivered, you have become a deliverer.”

Fundamental Features of Fulfilling Your Destiny

1. It will always involve your passion.

2. It involves the abilities God has given you.

“God doesn’t waste what he takes us through.”

Don’t be satisfied to just say you were here.

3. Then he fell asleep

“You are not in the land of the living on your way to the land of the dying. You’re in the land of the dying on your way to the land of the living.”

“On the day when someone closes the box, it will not matter what you left behind. It will only matter what you’ve got invested ahead of you.”

“Even though you’re living in time, He wants you to think eternally.”

When you have a destiny in time that is reflective from a mindset of eternity, you won’t waste time but maximize it.

You’ve got two choices: go back to just having a job, doing your thing until you retire. Or, you can go after God’s destiny and take the ride of your life.

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