Nominate Your Pick for Planner Nobel Prizes

I was not entirely serious about developing a Nobel Prize-level award for meetings professionals, but now that I've gotten several inquiries via e-mail, I say, let's do it!

Send me your nominations:

Name, job title, company name


Short description of why this person deserves recognition in that area

Let's give this a November 1 deadline. I can't wait to see who you think is Nobel-worthy, meeting planning style! E-mail them to [email protected] today, or drop a note in the comments section below.

Here are the categories again:

Physics: For designing meeting space that optimizes the use of heat, light, sound, electricity, furniture—all meetings-related matter—to produce the right sort of energy attendees need for that event’s specific purpose.

Medicine: For producing events that tickle attendees’ brains in a learning way—meeting planning may not be brain surgery, but a little neuroscience is definitely involved.

Literature: For defining and expressing a compelling story of the meeting, and all its many characters, in a way that enriches the experience.

Peace: For calmly resolving issues large and small with everyone from suppliers to attendees to VIPs. I know we have some world-class negotiators!

Economics: For actually being able to do more with less—and being able to prove it—while still producing a meaningful experience for participants.


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