Nobel Prizes, Meetings and Events Version

Nobel Prizes, Meetings and Events Version

I know this industry has its fair share of awards programs, but with all the Nobel Prize excitement happening now, wouldn't it be nice to see your accomplishments get the same level of hoopla? While the meetings industry has not, to my knowledge, ever had a benefactor like Alfred Nobel sign over their fortune to fund a prize program, it’s kind of fun to think about what a meetings and events version of the Nobels might look like. We could even use the same categories, if we spin them a bit.

Chemistry: For creating ways to make all that “good chemistry” between participants happen—user-experience-centered environments that cause meaningful interactions, connections, and learning, not just “networking.”

Physics: For designing meeting space that optimizes the use of heat, light, sound, electricity, furniture—all meetings-related matter—to produce the right sort of energy attendees need for that event’s specific purpose.

Medicine: For producing events that tickle attendees’ brains in a learning way—meeting planning may not be brain surgery, but a little neuroscience is definitely involved.

Literature: For defining and expressing a compelling story of the meeting, and all its many characters, in a way that enriches the experience.

Peace: For calmly resolving issues large and small with everyone from suppliers to attendees to VIPs. I know we have some world-class negotiators!

Economics: For actually being able to do more with less—and being able to prove it—while still producing a meaningful experience for participants.

I know you all have skills those being honored in Sweden might have cause to envy—let the nominations begin (comment below, send me an e-mail, or tweet your choice and category to #meetingsnet)! I know I have a few folks in mind for some of these…

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