New sponsorship opportunity: Power bars

I was just thinking about a problem I had at MPI WEC 2010 that I'm pretty sure is shared by others: A netbook with limited battery power. Like two hours or so, then it might as well be a doorstop. I know most people have hyper energy-efficient smart phones now that they can use for tweeting and blogging and checking e-mail, but I can't be the only one tethered to a power-sucking netbook or laptop. I was fortunate in that I had access to the press room, which included a power strip I could plug into to recharge. But I joined the others crawling around checking baseboards for free outlets in session rooms after forgetting my power cord in the press room overnight and arriving at the Vancouver Convention Centre juiceless just in time for the 8:30 sessions.

So, for at least the next year or two until we're all blessed with super-cool smart phones with unlimited battery life, what do you think about adding recharging stations to the on-site services sponsorship opportunities you offer, along with the now-fading, once oh-so-essential cyber café? You could call it The Power Bar! The thought tickled my mind when I saw something similar at the Las Vegas airport on my long trek home and rushed over to get my electricity fix, so I thought I'd pass it along in case you weren't already providing such a thing.

TAGS: Sponsorships
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