Marketing tip: Fonts matter

Marketing tip: Fonts matter

You know how sometimes a marketing piece just feels better than another, though you can't pinpoint why exactly? It might just be the font. A July poll by Errol Morris about killer asteroids and optimism He told BoingBoinger Mark Frauenfelder at the time that "There is a hidden question, which I’m not at liberty to reveal, that I think will interest you." Interesting indeed—it turns out it was all a ruse to test people's reactions to different fonts. How cool is that, fellow font geeks?

Not surprisingly, at least to me, he found that some fonts did make the content seem more believable than others (the most believable font tested was Baskerville, the least was Comic Sans).

What fonts do you use in your conference marketing materials?

(Promo image by tarrytown at Flickr.com)

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