Internal Meetings: Useful, Timewasters, or Both?

Internal Meetings: Useful, Timewasters, or Both?

According to this infographic from Bolt Insurance, 47 percent of office workers think meetings are the biggest waste of their time while at work, beating out office politics (43 percent), fixing others' mistakes (37 percent), annoying coworkers (36 percent), and busywork (22 percent). While I'm sure they're not talking about conferences or other well-planned off-site meetings, what is it about those conference-room get-togethers that make them such a bad use of people's time? Or are they actually more productive than people like to admit?

I love the idea of a stand-up meeting to keep things moving, but that's not always going to be practical/possible. What do you do to keep your internal meetings on track, productive, and hopefully short?

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