Inspiration in a Ketchup Bottle

Inspiration in a Ketchup Bottle

Don't you love it when condiments invite you to play a game? Well, it actually had never happened to me before we went out to brunch over the weekend and I saw this jolly little red bottle of ketchup doing just that. And on the back was this:

Which of course got me thinking about meetings, and how cool an idea this would be. Instead of general trivia, it could be about the meeting host organization, the meeting itself, what the meeting is supposed to make happen, whatever would further your meeting's goals. And you could offer prizes for the winners, track it through your meeting app—the possibilities are endless.

If condiments aren't your thing, what else is in front of your attendees that you could brand, slap a QR code on, and get them playing? I just loved the idea and wanted to share. Kudos, Heinz, for finding more to do with your product than squirt it on home fries!

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