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Business etiquette around the world
<p>Business etiquette around the world</p>

Infographic: How to Do Business Around the World

Planning meetings and events outside the U.S. can be exciting—but it also can be stressful. In addition to language, time zones, contracting, and VAT issues, meeting professionals, like everyone else who travels to foreign lands, also have to adapt to the local culture and customs. You may be used to a firm handshake and strong eye contact, but that would offend people in China. Or perhaps you are used to having a lot of personal space, which is will in short supply in Brazil.

To help you navigate business etiquette when working outside the U.S., GetVoIP put together this guide. It covers greetings, dress codes, dining, body language, and other cultural norms around the world, so next time you're traveling somewhere new, you'll know how to fit right in.

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