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Innovating for the Environment

Francesca Radabaugh, a 2018 Changemaker, created EcoVents, a division of Paragon Events, dedicated to environmentally responsible planning in the events industry.

Francesca Radabaugh
Director of Association Management and Operations
Paragon Events Inc. 

For translating her excitement about sustainability into a new division at her company

Making Change
One movement that is important to us and our industry is sustainability. My degree in geography and geology and my passion for the environment motivated me to help create EcoVents, a division of Paragon Events dedicated to environmentally responsible planning. This division allows our organization to offer innovative solutions that greatly benefit the environment and provide clients with a unique corporate social responsibility initiative.

What’s Next
I foresee making a change that will help my team members and clients understand the importance of ownership in the workplace. Being accountable and having a strong voice can be key drivers for success. I also believe that students and recent graduates have a lot more to offer than we give them credit for and we should utilize their talents effectively.

Your Advice for Change
It’s important for everyone to understand their part in the changes and how they will be affected by them. Be as transparent as possible, continually check in, and make the necessary adjustments to allow for a smooth transition.

Best Business Advice
Fear can hinder a lot of people from doing things. In this industry and in life, I’ve always been told by my role models to be fearless—say “yes” to the challenge and coordinate later on how to make it happen.  

I have learned not to be afraid to make the tough call or state the hard facts. I always tell my peers and colleagues, “don’t let anyone dull your sparkle,” which to me means to take on the challenge and don’t be afraid to do great things.

Thinking Differently
I like to think that I have always been naturally intuitive and curious about my surroundings and the unknown. It is safe to say that I am not afraid to “break” something and “remake” it if it ends up becoming something better.

If I Have a Spare Hour
I try to spend my free time with a creative outlet that still allows me to decompress and get out of my head. By reading a book, painting, or listening to music, I am able to detach yet still engage in a constructive activity.

Role Model
My mother Renee Radabaugh is a change maker in her own way. Not only is she fearless, but she also pushes my colleagues and me to move forward and challenge ourselves every day.




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