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EIC Issues a Call to Action for the Meetings Industry

Got email? It’s time to use it to educate elected officials about the plight of meetings and conventions.

The Events Industry Council is looking for help educating lawmakers on the toll of the coronavirus on all aspects of the meetings, conventions, and events industry.

In an appeal to industry professionals on March 24, EIC wrote, “Our ask today is [for you] to reach out to your elected officials and key decision makers, who are looking at ways to provide economic relief. We may not be able to control what’s happening in the world right now, but we absolutely control how and with whom we share our message.”

To expedite the campaign, EIC has provided a letter template for industry professionals to adapt and send to representatives in the House and Senate. In part, the letter reads:
“Thousands of large-, medium- and small-sized companies that engage in conceptualizing, organizing, and executing events that help drive our economy are on the verge of collapse. But this is not just about the immediate pain of closures. The people, companies, and associations that we represent are the same ones who will play a key role longer term in our recovery toward financial and social health.

“The events industry, through these various association and corporate bodies, is the largest provider of professional development and adult education. This has a direct impact on today’s workforce and our future workforce.

“For these reasons, our member organizations and companies should be eligible for any and all relief—e.g. deferred tax payments, payroll tax reductions, tax credits to retain employees, loan guarantees, loan forbearance, cancellation of debts through executive action, etc.—that is provided for the hospitality industry.”

In its letter to the meetings industry, EIC has also included links to find the email addresses of Congressional representatives plus data on the economic significance of the meetings industry.

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