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Demystifying Digital Engagement

If you want to put a human face on digital event marketing, 2018 Changemaker Nick Borelli’s your guy.

Nick Borelli
Event Marketing Consultant
Borelli Strategies

For demystifying digital engagement for events

Making Change
The event industry has been slow to integrate digital forms of communications, due in part because so many of the small businesses that make up the industry have limited means. Some also may still feel that digital is the enemy of face to face. For over a decade, I’ve been doing my best to demystify digital engagement by speaking, writing, and advocating for adoption of new technologies to evolve the live events industry.

What’s Next?
I want to humanize digital marketing for live events in every way I can. By helping organizers tell stories about their mission and the impact of their mission on the lives of attendees, I hope to connect those who have typically avoided face-to-face gatherings with the right events that will enable them to grow as people. The work we do is so vital! As the world seems intent on tearing us apart and creating echo chambers and silos, I want to help use these emerging tools to better understand people and bring them together so we can fight back.

Giving Back
I’ve had the privilege of being offered a number of international and local volunteer positions over the years within associations and nonprofits, which came with responsibility as well as the only measurable I really focus on—impact. I’m fearful of listing the roles I’ve had over the years at the risk of leaving any out, but I can say that my favorite has been serving as the chair of marketing and public relations for the SEARCH Foundation. Helping raise awareness and money for event professionals in crisis has been an honor. I consider SEARCH central to my mission statement, which is: “Improving live experiences for attendees by supporting and advancing event professionals globally.”

Managing Change
Listen to everyone regardless of how many years they have in the industry or their position. A good idea is a good idea and it can come from anywhere—be open to it.

Role Models
I’m a composite of a lot of different people. Many of my mentors were/are hospitality professionals. For example, Mike Roman, Meryl Snow, and Charles Klass taught me how to think like an owner and that the client comes first. I watch Corbin Ball, James Morgan, David Lutz, and Dahlia El Gazzar; they’re trailblazers who have made careers embracing change. I am constantly inspired and impressed by them.

Best Business Advice?
Aaron Kaufman of Fifth Element Group told me to rely on my network and the rest would just come.

Sources and Resources
Usually my peers come to me for advice on how to adapt to the constantly changing digital marketing platforms. I usually go to them with my entrepreneurial questions. Marketing comes easy to me—the rest is a challenge!

Thinking Differently
I can pick up ideas from anywhere, and I purposely don’t read the rules so I never have to feel like I’m breaking them.

Got a Spare Hour?
If I’m not working, I’m with my family…or reading comic books!




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