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Breaking Down a Big Task

As a new hire, Henrietta Balint created an entire meetings division in less than a year.

Henrietta Balint
Director, Global Meetings & Events Sales
Radius Travel

For skillfully balancing the diverse needs of Radius Travel’s worldwide agency partners while introducing them to a brand-new business plan

Making Change
Developing and launching the new meetings and events division of Radius Travel has enabled us to support client organizations in a more comprehensive way across their total travel and meetings spend. It is also bringing visibility to the meetings and events expertise of our network through sharing best practices and knowledge in the industry and in their local markets.

Managing Change
I have managed several types of change during my career and there are many methods out there. Most recently, in developing a strategy to create a new division, I took a highly methodical approach and focused on key stakeholder engagement throughout the process—this was critical. Along with that, the approach involved completing various stages: assessment and exploration, market intelligence, SWOT analysis, customer validation, business model, and value proposition.

Best Advice I Ever Got
There are two that have stuck with me throughout the years, both very simple but so very true. I aim to live by both of them in my business and personal life. Be authentic. Never be scared to get out of your comfort zone, as that is when you grow.

If I Have a Free Hour
I bake or cook something with my daughter. I encourage her to get creative with recipes, even if they sometimes end up being inedible. Or I go for a run.

Role Model
I’m not sure if I have a single role model. I admire strong businesswomen and influential women who stand up for what they believe in. I try to learn and find inspiration from their resilience, journey, and actions, whether it’s Mary Barra working her way up the ranks in a male-dominated industry, Robin Arzon making a radical career change to do what she loves and thereby inspiring others, Amelia Earhart for being excited by taking risks, or Lindsey Vonn, who is relentless and fearless.

What’s Next?
For now, I would like to continue to grow and enhance our new business to drive further value to our clients and bring insights and thought leadership to the industry. I am focused on building on what we have and listening to our customers and people 




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