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5 Legislative Actions that Could Buoy Meetings and Expositions

What a half-million-dollar investment in Go LIVE Together is working toward

Go LIVE Together has announced a milestone. The coalition of exhibition industry organizations formed in April by Freeman has raised $500,000 to support legislative actions that will help the industry recover from the business devastation caused by COVID-19.

The organization aims to educate government officials at the local, state, and federal level on the impact of events on the economy and is advocating for five specific relief provisions: 

1. A business tax credit, which would encourage attendees and exhibitors to attend exhibitions by offsetting participation expenses such as travel and accommodations.   

2. The Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit, which would offset the cost of personnel, supplies, and equipment associated with implementing the safety guidelines to protect event participants from coronavirus.

3. The Pandemic Risk Insurance Act, which would mandate that insurance companies offering business interruption insurance policies must cover losses incurred due to pandemics.

4. The Travel America Act, which would encourage event participation by allowing full deductibility of food and beverage expenses and creating a temporary travel tax credit for business or leisure travel.

5. The RESTART Act, an extension of the Payroll Protection Program, which would help businesses by providing six months of funding to cover payroll, benefits, and fixed operating expenses.

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