Here's a nice bit of tit-for-tat from The Lede: Harrah’s Entertainment is getting so peeved at the Las Vegas Review-Journal about its hounding the company about potential problems with its various construction and renovation projects that it no longer offers the local papers for sale in its gift shops or hands in out to guests as part of a suite package. But there's more to the story...from The Lede:

    But the reality may be even worse for the paper: Too few people wanted to read it.

    “We actually provide comped newspapers to the guests in thousands of rooms every day, but in light of the current economic slowdown, we’re reviewing all of our expenses across the board,” said Gary Thompson, spokesman for Harrah’s, whose properties have a total of 20,700 guest rooms throughout the city, including those at Caesars Palace, Flamingo Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas. “We asked, and virtually none of our guests say they read the local newspaper.”

Ouch. But I'll bet the latter really is the case--I'm probably one of the few left who even read the paper when on the road, and among the even fewer who eschew USA Today for the local rag.

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