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Working Toward Event Inclusivity? Don’t Miss This

Google has created a thorough and thought-provoking guide to event inclusivity, and the company is making it available to anyone.

If your organization is working to create more inclusive and accessible events, don’t duplicate efforts: A comprehensive resource just released by Google covers everything from registration and restrooms to service animals and swag.

The inclusive-event design website is a new addition to Google’s All In toolkit for marketing inclusion. It was created in partnership with ADCOLOR, which advocates for diversity in creative industries; Disability:IN, which works to expand opportunities for people with disabilities in business; GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group; and the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.

“We’re committed to building resources that improve representation in the marketing industry,” said Tara Back, Google’s vice president of events & experiences and talent partnerships, in a statement. “By ensuring event content, whether in-person or virtual, is created with accessibility and inclusivity in mind, we’re aiming to further de-stigmatize issues with accommodation by increasing awareness and understanding. We’re proud to learn from and partner with these incredible experts within the industry to help bring this mission to life.”

While the authors of Google’s inclusive-event guide point out that it “will be a constant work in progress as the world evolves and changes” and that the content is only U.S. focused at this point, it is a thorough and thought-provoking resource.

Links throughout the guide provide more details on specific issues. For example, when the guide makes the point that meeting hosts should implement a code of conduct and require attendees to acknowledge an anti-harassment policy, the content links to Google’s own event code of conduct. When it talks about neurodiversity, there’s a link to the Neuroinclusive Event Checklist and other resources developed by The Neu Project at Google.

A rundown of the topics covered provides a sense of its comprehensive approach:
Attendee List Development
Building Community
Code of Conduct
COVID-19 Considerations
Design & Décor
Food & Beverage
Lactation Space
Language Do's & Don'ts
Multi-faith Space & Resilience Room
Service Animals
Social Activities
Speaker Representation
Supplier Diversity
Translation & Localization

“Together, we’re working to craft inclusive marketing strategies that incorporate our main belief in going beyond labels and creating a community of supportive, equal professionals,” commented Ana Leen, vice president, partnerships at ADCOLOR. “In this effort, we are further striving for event leaders and companies to recognize, respect, and celebrate accessibility for everyone.”

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