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The site of the 2008 Summer Olympics' opening ceremony, Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing will also be used for the 2022 Winter Olympics in February.

Planners, Grab the Popcorn and Pay Attention

At 100 days out, the moving parts involved with the Winter Olympics in Beijing are enough to unsettle even the steeliest veteran planners.

Here’s a fun hypothetical—and it’s only fun because it is hypothetical for every meeting and event planner in the world save a select few:

At 100 days out, you’re preparing to implement daily Covid testing of all 2,900 participants and thousands more event staffers for your 17-day event with 109 session tracks to be held in 13 venues set in three different parts of a city of 20 million people. Meanwhile, protesters around the world are calling for sponsors to boycott the event due to alleged human-rights abuses in the host destination.

So, here’s the question: How well would you be sleeping?

The 2022 Winter Olympics begin February 4 in Beijing, China. The International Olympic Committee’s event planners have implemented three “closed-loop clusters” that will keep the international athletes, games officials, and venue staff quarantined together for the duration of their stay.

For more details on how the Olympic organizers are planning around the various complications of the event, check out these articles from and the Associated Press.

It just might make you think twice before grumbling about the logistical complications for your next in-person event.

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