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Muvin’ on Up: Transportation Tech Upgrade Puts Planners in the Driver’s Seat

The latest version of Muv includes features for more detailed business reporting.

Muv, the Dallas-based ground transportation company, has just released an updated version of its meeting planner dashboard, giving organizers more information on their attendees and more ways to customize the interface and the reporting.

The company’s planner-facing technology is at the heart of its transportation service. Getting attendees from point A to point B on time is the easy part, says company President Mark Shrayber, “the critical part is to solve business problems.”

The Web-based, cross-platform Muv (pronounced move) gives users both a big picture and a granular look at their ground transportation situation at any given time. For the big picture, the dashboard prominently displays how many rides are scheduled (broken down by the number completed, active, no-show, and canceled), a real-time spend total for the conference, and other data.

On a detailed level, planners can see the status of all their travelers right down to the flight number and arrival status (with real-time flight data), pickup and drop-off location, driver’s name and number, purchase order number, the cost center to which the ride will be billed, and more.

Among the updates in the just-released version, Muv users can get text notifications on the status of individual travelers and also generate custom reports from the data, exportable to Excel. For pharmaceutical and life sciences meeting planners who need to report spending on healthcare providers, the system can report out details on individual passengers.

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