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Gen Z Wants Face-to-Face Opportunities

A new survey finds that the tech-savvy under-25 crowd values learning and building connections through in-person interaction.

A recent survey of the newest members of the workforce found that while they expect the organizations they work for to be technologically proficient, it does not mean that they want all communication to happen through electronic means.

Conducted by ServiceNow, a firm that builds digital-workflow platforms, the survey of workers aged 22 to 25 revealed that 83 percent prefer face-to-face interaction with their managers—though 82 percent of managers believe Gen Z wants to communicate mostly via instant message, according to a separate managers’ survey.

The research also found that members of the newest worker generation are willing to learn from older peers, and assist them in their own learning too. In fact, 53 percent of respondents said they would be good at helping other generations in the workplace solve problems in creative ways, while 46 percent said they could help colleagues with understanding digital and social-media platforms. And in a separate survey conducted by recruiting firm Yello, a majority of Gen Z employees said they look to their managers for coaching and recognition—things that cannot be done nearly as well through technology as they can be through in-person opportunities.

Read the full ServiceNow Gen Z employee research report here.

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