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Expanding Event-Management Firm Adopts Robust Site-Search Platform

Seeking a stronger global footprint, FCM M&E has partnered with Hubli to offer clients an online tool featuring more than 200,000 venues worldwide.

Last September, Brisbane, Australia-based travel-management firm FCM announced the consolidation of its various meeting and event operations in North America, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Asia, and Australia into a single global entity, FCM Meetings & Events. The firm also introduced the leader of that new organization: Simone Seiler, an industry veteran who was promoted to global general manager.

The parent company’s rationale for these moves: Streamline its event-management operations
to take advantage of a projected seven-percent increase for the global meetings sector each year from 2024 to 2030.

Now, FCM M&E, with North American offices in metro New York, Toronto, and Mexico City, has made another move to support its international meetings presence: It has partnered with event-technology firm Hubli to offer a site-search platform featuring a roster of more than 200,000 hotels and other event venues around the world.

Called FCM Venue Finder, the product is based on Hubli’s site-search platform which includes controls for client-booking policies related to cost, sustainability, and other requirements. Further, FCM’s version of the Hubli platform is customized with the agency’s preferred hotel partners and features a single sign-in, a bespoke analytics-reporting API, automation of contracts and master-service agreements, and detailed coverage of venues offering enhanced sustainability protocols.

FCMseider0324.png“From funky cutting-edge venues to corporate conference centers, you can cut straight to the chase with detailed images and specifications” on the platform, said Seiler (in photo) in a press release. “Wembley Stadium [London], the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum [New York], London Canal Museum, and Colonnades at The Signet Library [Edinburgh] are just a few of the many stand-out venues that are available for booking” in addition to traditional meeting facilities.

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